About Digital Economy Forum

Learn, educate, advocate.

Digital Economy Forum is a collective think tank directed at creative solutions for the digital age.

We facilitate online dialogues and provide educational content on emerging technologies and social trends.


To establish more informed public opinions.


  1. We are a non-profit organization first, because our content benefits the public, not stakeholders that depend on ad profit through high viewership.

  2. We aim to produce information that is inclusive and based on data and facts. However, understanding that diversity of opinions is a healthy formula to democracy, we aim to tackle the topics from multiple point of views when presenting speculations.

  3. Information overload on the internet is real. We provide meaningful knowledge in a candid manner, so you can become a better critical thinker.

  4. Make learning less elitist. To decentralize institutionalized information and education systems.

  5. Rationality is scarce. We hope to instigate more common sense, and empathy.