what is ICW body armor

Level 4 ICW Body Armor

Are you still considering buying the old style level four ICW body armour? Don’t toss those out just yet, we have good news for you. New Body armour has been developed, that’s right, new body armour is now available, and it’s better than old ICW body armour. But what exactly is this new type of Body Armour? How does it compare to old ICW?


Old ICW body armour

was designed for the military and police force, and was considered bulky and uncomfortable to wear. This was the case, even back in the day, when body armour was first used by soldiers. Today, we have ballistic experts who have devised a solution to make today’s body armour more comfortable and durable. That’s why a lot of police forces are now using level four ICW body armour. This type is now being used by ordinary citizens as well.


So how does a level four ICW body armour

differ from the old standard? The answer is its expanded coverage and more robust material. For example, unlike the old style of ICW armor, the new type has over five times the amount of Kevlar in the material, which translates into more soft armor layers. Also, the multiple armor-piercing rounds that are found in this type of armor shoot out soft armor piercing rounds that can penetrate up to twelve layers of armour in soft targets such as soft trucks or soft vehicles.


This kind of advanced protection is perfect for anyone

wanting the maximum amount of armor protection for their body, which is the primary reason for buying this kind of armor in the first place. You need something that will stop bullets and other forms of injury, and that means you should be protected at the greatest level possible. The multiple armor-piercing rounds of the level four ICW body armour is perfect for this, since they shoot out multiple hard armor piercing rounds that will cut through anything in their path. Plus, you’ll also find that this kind of armor is also much more comfortable than regular steel or even soft suit.


In fact

the best part about this kind of armor is that you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it, and you won’t need to remove it during a hostile encounter. For the same price as traditional hard armor, you can get your hands on level four ICW body armour, and use it to help protect yourself from injury and save the lives of those you care about. However, just like every other type of armor, you can get an extended warranty on the armor if you want, so that’s another added benefit of this advanced protection.


Level 4 ICW Body Armor

isn’t just for law enforcement officers though – ordinary people in all walks of life can benefit from this kind of armor too. No longer will they have to worry about what will happen if they choose to defend themselves against a dangerous attacker, because their body will be able to take the damage without breaking. And if a fight ever comes up, you’ll have something in place that will give you the upper hand without causing any permanent damage to yourself. It’s all about knowing what your body is made of, and taking the time to protect it. Level 4 ICW Body Armor is the ultimate in defense technology, and it offers you just that.

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