tips to make your electricity bill lower

Lower Your Electricity Bill With These Tips

Electricity is a necessity for everyday life. Without electricity life in modern society would be impossible. Many people are unaware of their electricity usage or how much they use it. As a society we are quick to switch appliances on and off, we are all so geared up to the instant gratification style of living. Electricity can be very damaging if misused, especially if you are not aware that there are many different ways that you can save money on your electricity costs. In this article, I will look at some ways that you can save yourself money on your monthly electricity bills.


According to the US Department of Energy

in 2021 the average electric bill used was $200. In comparison, this works out at around eleven cents per kilowatt-hour. As you can see, this is very small compared to other countries that charge more than a dollar per kwh. Using a kilowatt/hour calculator can give you an idea of how much you could save if you changed your electricity usage. Energy consumption varies significantly depending on where you live and how much electricity you use, so let’s look at the average and overall electricity costs in every state.


One way that you can save money on your energy costs

is by installing an energy star water heater. Energy Star appliances help to reduce the amount of energy used when heating water, which in turn reduces your energy costs. There are many websites available to show you how to calculate your estimated fuel use and the associated energy savings. In general, these calculators will give you the estimated number of gallons of water needed to make one bath, at least once a week.


Another way to reduce your energy usage

is to use fewer appliances and light bulbs. Most people underestimate the amount of electricity required to light their house. An energy star helps to make the process easier by showing an estimate of how much energy it would take to power a light. A good rule of thumb is about one thousand hours per light bulb. Switching to LED lights can drastically cut down on your electricity bill because they only use about one percent of what traditional incandescent bulbs use. The upfront costs for these energy-saving products may seem high, but in the long run, they pay for themselves.


By changing your appliances to energy-saving models

you can easily save fifty percent or more on your electricity bill. Energy Star appliances can also offer tax credits, so the initial outlay for purchasing them will be recouped over time. You can also save even more money by using CFL bulbs instead of incandescent ones, which last up to twenty-five years.


If you can take these few steps to change your lifestyle habits

you can dramatically decrease your electricity use. And the rest is easy. Switch to CFLs and other energy-saving bulbs and you’ll be surprised at how much energy you’re wasting now. Just imagine how much less it would cost you to operate your home if you didn’t have to run those bulky, hot, appliances.

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