The Future of Online Marketing Revealed

the marketing trends in order to be successful online

Everyone from small business owners to CEO’s are using Internet marketing to expand their market share and gain new customers. However, it’s important to know which marketing trends are currently popular, as well as how to execute them correctly. Below, l cover 9 of the top hottest, social media marketing trends of all time, to help you have a leg up on your competitors.

Branding/Affiliation Marketing Trends: Social media marketers are implementing branded pages to boost their presence among their target audience. This is part of their future success, as many people rely heavily on their social profiles to form an opinion of a brand before even looking at their website. Staying on top of industry trends, such as brand integration, is essential. As you look ahead to the next decade.

below are three marketing trends you can expect to see more of:

Inclusivity – The power of inclusivity is increasing by the minute. Inclusivity means offering more than just content. Brands will compete for your customers attention, challenging all others to be more specific than the competition in every way possible. In addition to inclusivity, companies are working harder to acquire customer segmentation data, which helps them fine tune their strategies and identify untapped markets. When it comes to online marketing, customers are always right.

Interactive Content – Search engines are going to start showing more interactive content, such as video, as well as ad blockers. Ad blockers are another upcoming marketing trend, which tries to control what search engines see when a user runs a search. In the past, ad blockers were seen as a “pay-for-service” model, where a company would put an airlock on their site, and would then cover any search results that didn’t want to display their ads. With search engine optimization moving more towards visual search and internet user friendliness, ad blockers are quickly becoming an affordable alternative to traditional pay-per-click campaigns. Interactive content will help brands showcase their unique selling points, while giving their customers a way to get more involved with the brand.

Social Media Marketing – We’ve all heard the words, but not really digested the ideas. Social media is changing the way many marketers think about marketing. Today, it’s about being active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ more than ever before. In addition to allowing customers to connect with the brand more easily, these sites are also valuable in terms of SEO, which helps a website climb higher on search engine results pages. This also leads to higher sales conversions for businesses using social media campaigns.

Featured Skins – The ability for consumers to instantly view and buy a product from a brand has already proven popular. However, to further support featured skins on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, advertisers can offer them the opportunity to display ads that are sponsored by the businesses themselves. Ads that are shown ahead of featured skins encourage more people to click through, potentially leading to increased sales for brands. Although featuring snippets aren’t meant to replace organic SEO, they’re proving useful in increasing businesses’ presence.

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