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SEO – An Overview

Search Engine Optimization is the act of enhancing the volume and quality of site traffic for a particular site or a particular web page by search engines. SEO aims at free traffic as well as paid traffic and not direct traffic or organic traffic. SEO involves several elements such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, directory submission and other factors.


Inbound links constitute the heart of SEO. These are links that come from other sites that are related in some way or focus on a particular keyword. The link building strategy is used by SEO to get higher rankings for their pages. Links play an important role in SEO and therefore, it is very important that you include these in your link building strategy. A good linking strategy will ensure that your site has better visibility in search engine results.

Inbound linking takes place when sites with the same content concentrate to increase their ranking. One way of gaining leverage is to incorporate keywords to your site. Keywords are one of the best tools in the hands of SEO. When you include keywords in your Meta tag and body content, you increase the possibility of getting picked in search queries. Keyword usage is also a crucial aspect of SEO. You must use these keywords richly because you can never remove them from your site.


The content on your site needs to be informative and useful to visitors. In SEO, content is king. So, you must always keep your content fresh and unique. Duplicating content on your site will only decrease your ranking and result in loss of reputation. Website submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, guest posting and article submission are some of the popular methods of content production in SEO.

On-page optimization involves the various steps that are needed to be carried out so that the site achieves its optimum level of success and visibility on the Internet. These include building link popularity through inbound links, optimizing internal pages and content, ensuring relevant and authoritative content, generating inbound links from other renowned sites and maximizing on the use of keywords. On-page optimization is a combination of various strategies. It includes link building, keyword optimization and other important elements such as coding. The content of your website should be written in a concise, clear and engaging style. This content should also follow a proper SEO methodology so that it achieves a high degree of visibility over the Internet.


SEO has changed the way companies promote their products and services. It has made them compete better online. If you are an owner of a business or organization, you must consider SEO optimization for increasing your site’s chances to get ranked high in search results.

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