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Modern wind energy is still developing

Wind energy is well defined in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition as “the energy derived from the force of the air against the moving objects”. However, to more fully define wind power, it is crucial to understand what causes the wind and how it can be harnessed. Understanding how wind works will not only help us better harness the energy it produces, but it may also help us reduce our dependence upon other forms of energy that may be harmful to our environment.

Wind Power

One common form of wind energy used today is wind power. It is most often used to supplement other forms of energy such as solar and hydroelectric systems. Wind power is defined as the converted energy produced by the movement of the air mass over its course. This may be in the form of the wind’s velocity, the amount of wind speed, or both. There are many factors that determine how much wind energy can be produced and how easily the energy can be converted into other forms.


In its earliest form, wind energy was harnessed through the use of windmills which were constructed in strategic locations to use the friction of wind against the rotating blades to generate mechanical energy. The problem with this was that these windmills were extremely noisy as well as being a lot of fun to watch as they ran around. The noise, which could not be entirely prevented, continued to be a great annoyance to neighbors as well as to those who lived nearby. Many countries tried to remedy this problem by building their own versions of windmills which proved to be even more problematic. Over the years, advancements have been made to produce a power system using turbines that are less noisy, do not require much maintenance, and require little to no upkeep.

Moving Turbines

Today, turbines are made out of plastic composites rather than wood or metal. This makes them much more resistant to damage from the elements and, over time, they have become significantly less obtrusive. Additionally, turbines have been repositioned so that they can capture the best wind speeds possible. By moving turbines from a certain location to another when the conditions are better or moving turbines closer to a city or area when the weather is at its worst, turbines can maximize the amount of energy they produce.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines need to be manufactured properly in order to make full use of the energy they produce and so, in turn, they need to be manufactured in the most efficient manner possible. This is why there is such an importance placed upon making sure the turbine’s blades are manufactured using the best materials possible. Some of the most efficient blades on the market today are made out of lightweight composites while other blades are made from heavy gauge steel and are literally hundreds of times stronger than the blades manufactured a decade ago. By using the best materials possible, a power plant using a combination of wind energy and solar power can become much more powerful and efficient.

Compliance with building regulations

The downside to all this efficiency is that wind farms still need to be built in order to generate the energy source that these turbines are designed to work best. Unfortunately, constructing these farms is very costly and is often seen as a rather daunting task for even the most experienced construction workers. One way that these farms are made in compliance with building regulations governing the use of a particular energy source is to hire an engineering and design company to build the farm using only the highest quality materials available to ensure that the turbines are constructed safely and without flaw. However, one company has revolutionized the way that this is done by offering companies that construct wind farms and solar farms across the country the ability to have their turbines assembled offshore instead of on land. Offshore wind turbines are simply a better design and more cost-effective option when compared to land-based turbines, making them an excellent choice when it comes to finding a wind-energy source of your own.

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