Dog Runs Off-Leash

How to Stop Your Dog From Running Away

One of the most common questions I get from dog owners is “Why does my dog run off-leash?” Dogs are naturally curious animals, and they love to explore their surroundings. The more you teach them to stay within the boundaries of your property, the more comfortable they will be around leashes. Here are some of the most common reasons why your dog may run off-leash:


Your dog runs off-leash

because it has become bored or wants to find something interesting. Many dogs like to walk around the garden, along the fence, in the back yard, etc. They like to have their attention focused on a single task. If you constantly put them in new places, it will cause them to lose focus. To solve this problem, start using a short leash while playing with your dog to keep him or she focused on one activity at a time.


Another reason your dog runs off-leash

is that he/she is looking for attention. Some dogs simply do not want to be left alone in a fenced-in or open space. Dogs love attention and if they are fenced in or left in an open space for too long, they may become anxious and snap at anything that gets near them. The solution to this problem is to always have two leash lengths available, one to hold the dog close while you go out and the other to hold the leash as close as possible. If you only have one leash, keep the shortest leash close to your body and begin to walk in a direction that is away from where the dog is.


Wild animals can often find your backyard

when you are out walking your dog. When wild animals see you, it will cause them to become agitated and you could end up having a potentially dangerous interaction with these wild animals. If your dog starts to run away, turn around and return to your dog immediately so that he/she cannot harm any of the wild animals. Try holding your dog next to you with both hands to minimize the chances of your dog being able to attack a wild animal.


Some dog parks have safety guidelines posted at the entrance of the park.

Most parks also have signs located close to the entrance and warning dog owners about wild animals and dangerous situations. Some dog parks have also developed proximity containment systems where your dog will stay within a certain area and will not roam free when other dogs are not within the area. These containment systems are not foolproof, but can significantly reduce the chances of your dog escaping and possibly encountering dangerous situations.


There are many other reasons your dog may be running away from you.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure you have him/her in a secure private location when you are not at home or in the park. Purchase a park pass for the area so that you can let other people go into the park with your dog and you can take them along with you to use the restroom and other areas. Purchase some poop bags for your dogs so that you can collect the unruly pooches that often leave behind their excrement.

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