How Electrifying Your Business Can Make a Difference

handling larger fleets of electric vehicles

In a world where electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over and the general public is clamoring for EVs, you can’t help but wonder how you’re going to attract business. It’s not enough just to offer an electric vehicle (EV) charge card to consumers. They have to be charged monthly to use the car or truck. The problem with many businesses is that the current infrastructure for charging cards is outdated and isn’t capable of handling larger fleets of electric vehicles. That means even small fleets could quickly be out of service and any hope of electrifying your business quickly degraded.

If you want to entice consumers and entice drivers to buy more environmentally friendly vehicles with electric vehicles in your fleet, you have to plan ahead for electrification. You have to start thinking about it months in advance. That means budgeting up all the money you’ll need. That includes buying the chargers, batteries and any maintenance equipment you’ll need to make the changes easy and simple for your business fleet. It also means understanding what forms of communications will work best to advertise your electrifying benefits and attract new customers.

intuitive for your business fleet

There are a number of ways you can make the changes easy and intuitive for your business fleet. One is to use your existing signage to inform potential customers about the new environmentally friendly options. One example might be a large “E” logo in a prominent location. Another option could be a colorful sign with text describing why electric vehicles are better for the environment. You can create all sorts of concepts and messages.

For the actual implementation of the changes, there are a number of solutions available. One of the simplest would be to add electric vehicle charging points to existing parking structures throughout your fleet. This makes charging an EV a seamless part of the day to day routine. You’ll be able to easily identify the most convenient charging locations for each vehicle. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy more time on the road, be it from charging points or not, since there won’t be any cars getting behind the wheel suddenly.

benefits to implementing this method

There are a number of benefits to implementing this method. The biggest one is that charging points will make life easier for your drivers. They won’t have to stop for a jump or stop at a service station. There will also be minimal wear and tear on the existing infrastructure. You can easily install charge points on existing concrete or paved driveways, with the accompanying concrete or paved bumpers to keep them in place.

Even if you don’t have a concrete surface, you can still implement this concept. Simply paint an electric vehicle sticker on a car or a other large vehicle, and that’s about it. Now, instead of stopping at the nearest gas station, you’ll know where to go for fuel. With the added expense of gasoline prices going up, this could be a real money-saver in the long run.

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