Child Custody and Divorces

FAQs About Child Custody and Divorces

Divorce Lawyer, if you are in the midst of a divorce, I am sure that you would appreciate any help that we could offer to you. We have been helping divorced fathers and mothers for over 30 years with everything from divorce planning to child custody, support issues, and more. If you are looking for answers, we are here to give them to you. A divorce Lawyer is a place to start.


A. First, narrow down all the issues

for you, so you can quickly decide which of the child custody and/or visitation issues are worthy of a full-court hearing and which are not. This is probably the one thing most divorce lawyers can do on your behalf because it will guarantee that you will at least have the law and the facts on your side if you walk into a courtroom in a contested case. In this article, we discuss both the father’s rights and the mother’s rights when it comes to child custody and/or visitation.


Q. What happens at the initial court proceedings?

A. The initial court proceedings usually last only a few minutes and then the attorneys can take their break. Once the attorneys have had their break, a mediator may sit between the parents, and the child custody and visitation mediation services can begin.


Q. Where can I get legal advice for my family law matter?

A. Divorce Lawyer can be referred to many different places including family law firms, family law clinics, bar associations, and online sources. Many family law attorneys also have websites that provide additional information about them as well as contact information. The family law lawyers can be very helpful in cases where one party is trying to portray themselves as the victim in an attempt to prevent the other party from collecting alimony or child support.


Q. Is there a fee involved with hiring a family law attorney?

A. As with any legal matter, there may be some cost associated with retaining a family law attorney. Because the family law attorneys work on a contingency basis, (as opposed to a flat fee arrangement), the actual cost of retaining an attorney may vary depending upon the circumstances.


Q. Are there any other professionals I can hire to help me with my family law matters?

A. In addition to having family law attorneys on retainer, the best resource to seek advice from when it comes to family custody disputes is a psychologist or social worker who can guide the legal system.

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