Casual Dressing – Rules and Tips

Casual Dressing is a phrase used to describe any kind of clothing that is worn for special occasions without being formally attired. The term has become widely used by the media and other people in the business of fashion to describe all kinds of clothing that may not necessarily be worn for formal occasions. This includes jeans and shirts as well as any other form of clothing generally worn around the home or office that does not have the proper fashion branding or is poorly made. In many ways, this sub-culture is considered to be a counterculture.


the traditional one

There are some places where the casual dressing idea trumps the traditional one. For example, most casual dining places do not allow women to sit at the table wearing pants or skirts. They will only allow women to wear very short, cotton, or silk office attire. Most women also find casual dresses inappropriate if they are to be used in a professional environment. However, these issues do not apply as much to casual attire worn by men. Men are generally allowed to wear whatever they want, whether it is a t-shirt and jeans or a nice jacket with trousers.


casual dress is not appropriate

Another important area where the casual dres’ code rules no matter who you are or where you are is in the workplace. This is especially true in the corporate world where business deals and transactions are taking place every day. No matter if it is lunchtime or a regular business meeting, casual dress is not appropriate. At work, your clothing should be professional in appearance and appropriate for the type of work you are doing. For example, if you are working as a financial analyst making forecasts about the market, you would not wear a suit and tie in a professional setting.


It really depends on the situation and the particular occasion

Men also have their own set of rules when it comes to casual dress. While most men will be fine in a nice dress shirt and slacks, some will find a nice pair of dres’ slacks or a nice shirt to be more appropriate. Likewise, no rule says women can’t wear a skirt or a dress. It really depends on the situation and the particular occasion. In many offices, especially those where there are more women than men, there is actually a formal attire for female workers that is more appropriate than the casual dres’ code that exists for men.


wear a more formal style of dress such as a blazer

Of course, you can always break all the rules and be yourself with casual dress. You can choose to go completely casual such as wearing a short sleeveless shirt with a cardigan, or you can choose to wear a more formal style of dress such as a blazer. However, you don’t want to walk into a business meeting in a suit and tie without knowing what you are dressing for. It would be very difficult to have any career success with this attitude.


With that in mind, take some time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is acceptable to break all the rules just to get a result. It may make you feel good, but in the end, it is not worth it. When you are at work, it is your job to get the results you want, and not to follow all the rules because you think they make you look cool.

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