A Brief History of the Nodachi Sword

Here are some interesting facts about this popular Japanese sword

The Nodachi Sword is based on the Katana that was used by the Japanese warriors many years ago. The sword in your hands could make a huge difference to your opponent. It would be your edge in a battle. Since it’s one of Japan’s most popular weapons, you will have many opportunities to see this great sword.

The Nodachi Sword is also known as the Wakizashi. In one of the sagas (seeds), a warrior will have to defeat an enemy without getting hit. He does this with this special sword. There are many schools of swordsmithing in Japan and so many different styles of blades can be created. Nodachi is one of those swords.

The Nodachi Sword means “No blade” in Japanese. This means that it was never made with a blade. This sword is only one of the many styles in Japan. Many believe that the true meaning lies in the fact that the blade was never used. That when it was made it was merely thrown into the fire to cook off.

The blade is made of two layers

One layer is made from a solid steel, usually a katana, and another layer is made of alloys. The alloys may include maki-zushi, a very hard metal. These layers combine to form the highly alloyed Nodachi.

The blade is wrapped in black lacquer before being painted. The name “Nodachi” comes from the Japanese word for “three leaf”. Because of the way the blade was decorated it was originally called the “Laying of the Sword”. Some say this is the name of the weapon that the samurai carried at all times, and they might have been right.

The sword was used throughout feudal Japan from the time it was introduced to battle to the end of the samurai era. The name of the Nodachi sword has stayed the same over the years. It is also known as the Wakizashi. Whatever you call it, the great sword of Japan is still called Nodachi.


The sword was primarily used for close range combat. Samurai warriors would use the Nodachi to attack their targets from a distance. This weapon was also used as a Means of Stealth. Because the blade is so short, it could be slipped into a bag, pouch or any other small opening. It would then be used as a concealed weapon to surprise the enemy.

In addition to this blade, some swords had intricate features such as a scabbard, wrap or bolster. These additions are called “Sculpting” and were done by highly skilled swordsmen of the day. This is also why some swords were personalized by their owners. A highly skilled swordsman might be able to make a small difference to the quality of the blade. The curvature of a Japanese Nodachi’s blade is almost perfect, making it a very accurate tool.

Today, you can still find many of these wonderful swords. One of the most interesting things about them is the stories behind them. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone special in your life or even yourself, a Japanese style Nodachi Sword would be a great gift for any occasion.

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